The Luck Of The Draw

Until they learn the importance of being earners, however, comedy writers start out very lean and hungry.

To be a sitcom writer you must reflect your world, not through an ordinary mirror but through what Bert Andrews once called "a Coney Island mirror that distorts and makes amusing every little incident, foible, and idiosyncrasy." You must also be aware of the serious limitations to the creative process. A successful sitcom must satisfy the production company, the networks, the stars, the sponsors, the critics and, finally and the most important of all, a large enough segment of the viewing public to outdistance all competitive programming. That takes skill—and luck!

For example, since you must please the audience, the script must take advertising demographics into consideration. The major consumer market is women between the ages of eighteen and forty-nine, and since men of brawn (and some brains) are attractive to this audience, machos get as much exposure as well-endowed young ladies in tight jiggle outfits.

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