The Speakers Introduction

A humorous introduction humanizes your client, and it's your responsibility to see that it's done properly. Don't let some inept MC start the speech off on the wrong footnotes. Who remembers any facts when a detailed bio is lifted from Who's Who?

The right way is for you to write your own client's clever introduction. A day or two in advance ask the MC if there's one already written, but even if there is, suggest that yours may contain some ideas that will help make the introduction more fun. MCs always respond positively to that suggestion, since they're on stage, too. Don't be timid. You and the MC will be the only ones who'll know who wrote it.

After your flattering introduction, your client can charm the audience with acknowledgments like this pairing:

I'm sorry my father and mother aren't here. My father would have loved it and my mother would have believed it.

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