The Wild Kingdom

Certain pets also convey funny images. Puppies, cats, mice, and rabbits all have double entendre associations.

Zsa Zsa Gabor went on the Tonight Show carrying one of her prized felines. As she was sitting there, she suddenly turned to

Johnny Carson and asked, "Would you like to pet my pussy?"

"Sure," said Carson, "but first move the cat."

A little girl and her mother came to the doctor's office. Following the girl was a little dog. "Does your dog bite?" asked the ctoctor. The girl shook her head. As the doctor bent down to pet the dog, the dog sank his teeth deep into the doctor's hand. The doctor yelled in pain, "I thought you said your dog doesn't bite." And the girl said, "This one ain't mine."

The word beast is the only term used by women that can both insult and praise a man. And even insects, like bees and cockroaches, are funny humor sources.

A German professor was addressing a Westchester ladies club on the life of the porcupine. "And would you believe it, ladies," he said, "that the porcupine has a prick that is ten inches long?" There were gasps all over the room, and the MC hastily whispered in the professor's ear. "Oh, my dear ladies," he said, "I have made a terrible mistake in English. What I should have said is that the quill of the porcupine is ten inches long. As a matter of fact, the prick is only one inch long."

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