What About Recycled Humor

Most writers write only on assignment, but material comes to mind frequently when there is no immediate need for it. Then ideas should be jotted down and warehoused for future delivery. More and more often, computers are being used for indexing. Recycling is taking previously used material and holding it for anticipated events: election jokes, holiday jokes, sick-in-bed material. Greeting card publishers aren't the only ones wise enough to plan seasonal humor material.

Every time there is news about the following events, out come the files and jokes are updated. If you haven't heard it before, it's new.

Airline problems: They not only give you the arrival and departure quotes, they also give the odds.

Nuclear accident: We've been getting glowing reports from (accident site). One man said to his wife, "Darling you look radiant today."

Elections: I wouldn't say that (name of candidate's wife) is overconfident, but when it rained yesterday, she called the White House and told the First Lady to be sure to shut all the windows.

Retried jokes may be like retried beans. They're both better the second time around.

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