What Kind of Sex Jokes Should Comediennes

During the height of the feminist movement, female comedians (who even resent the word "comediennes") focused their sexual humor attacks against the virility of men, "our natural enemy." But the payoff in humor isn't advocacy, it's laughs. And the payoff was more silence than the feminists would have wished. According to Joanne Cantor, who researched the subject at the University of Wisconsin, the sad truth is that both women and men prefer sexual humor directed at women. The reason is, no matter how they try to cover it, that men are more sexually insecure and resent being ridiculed. In addition, men still make up the majority of comedy audiences and women usually don't laugh as loud. But despite the research and the statistics, comediennes are increasing the amount of anti-male sexual material. The best ones are getting away with it—and it's about time.

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