Why Work So Hard

This seems like an unusual amount of labor just to create a few one-liners. Well, it is and no humor writer will deny that the work is laborious, tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating when it doesn't come out right. Like most creative people, humor writers spend a lot of time gazing blankly out the window looking for the right figure of speech. And just as you're about to find it, your spouse will come up and say, "As long as you're not doing anything, take out the garbage."

Now let's put a few of these double entendre ideas, combine them with some comedic rhetoric and put them together in one anecdote.

A young man in his twenties went to Las Vegas, met a girl, had a fabulous night, got drunk, got married and woke up the next morning. He said to her, "Look I've got a surprise for you. Last night when I said I don't have a handicap, I meant I am a no scratch golfer. I spend all my time out on the golf course, and you're the first girl I ever went out with." The girl said, "Well, I have a handicap too. I'm a hooker, and I can't stop." So the kid took out his club and said, "Look, I can help. Next time, before you swing, just put your right hand high on the shaft. You'll do fine." —Bob Hope

"I think of my boss as a father figure—which makes her very angry."

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    Why is funny writing hard?
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