I've been writing for almost 40 years. I've been teaching writing for over 30 years. I've read hundreds of books on writing, written a dozen or so myself, and have taught and spoken about writing for decades.

Still, I don't know it all. Neither can I put everything you need to know into one book, even if it is a book I've worked on night and day for months, that's based on my entire life's education and experience to date.

That said, please know that I strongly advise you to read other books on writing. A few treasured classics are listed in the back of this book. Many of my articles can be found on my main web site at www.mrfire.com. A search for books on writing at www.Amazon.com will keep you busy for years with the pages and pages of titles it will return to you.

If all you want to know is Hypnotic Writing, then by all means read this book, the books listed in the Bibliography, and invest in two other key sources:

1. My Hypnotic Writing Wizard software. See http://www .HypnoticWritingWizard.com.

2. My entire library of hypnotic e-books. See http://www .HypnoticLibrary.com/g.o/10386.

I've made this book as easy to follow as is humanly possible. I've distilled the Hypnotic Writing method into something you can understand and implement. The rest is up to you. Ready to get started?

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