And even after you finish the program all it takes is a minimum of minutes and seconds per day to continue multiplying your wealth mindset over and over again

Take a moment and look it over.

Now here are the same questions as before:

And here's the million dollar question: Does the copy make you want to buy the product? Here are the results:

The first web site, which we call exhibit A, bombed. It barely made 100 sales in 100 days.

The second web site, exhibit B, blew down all the doors and made $8,500 in sales in only one day.

So does Hypnotic Writing make a difference in selling?


• The audience we promoted it to was the same.

The only change was the writing.

Please note: The only change was the copy. The next time you scratch your head and wonder if Hypnotic Writing will help your sales, re-read this chapter. And then expect money beyond belief.

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