Creation means production.

I tend to create rough first drafts at lighting speed. This is the step where you create your first draft. Not your final draft but your first draft. My secret is to turn off the editorial part of my mind so my creative side has free license.

In my software program, Hypnotic Writing Wizard, we include a function called Unconscious Directed Writing. It's a way to turn off your inner editor. Choose that function in the software and the screen goes blank. Then type, without stopping, for whatever specified time you set. When you've finished, click Escape and the screen comes back and your writing was saved.

The idea is to disconnect the editor from the writer. You need both functions, but not at the same time. This is a major secret to writing hypnotically. The more you can ignore—for the time being—that voice in your head trying to rewrite your words as you write them, the greater the odds of your producing a quality first draft.

Again, the secret to this step is to write spontaneously. The basic rule is: Do not stop writing! Later, in the next step, you can do all the editorial revisions you want. For now, just write.

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