Dont Judge

You have no idea whether what you want to write is great or something less. You can't be the judge of your own material. Your readers cast the deciding vote, not you. Do the best you can, polish your writing to the best of your ability, and let your readers decide. And while they are deciding, keep writing.

Judging your work slows you down. It will sometimes stop you dead in your tracks. Several times I have begun a piece of writing, judged it as lousy, and stopped. Weeks or months later I would stumble across the unfinished work and reread it. It looked good! It read well and was really going somewhere. Why hadn't I completed it? Now it was too late to iron it out because I had lost the initial momentum. Then I would kick myself all over the room for not finishing it!

Since you aren't buying your writing, let the people who are judge it. Don't listen to your Mr. Editor as you write. Your job is to write. Period.

Got it?

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