Electrifying Tips for Creating Breakthrough


Are there any secrets to writing clear, crisp, alive—even breakthrough—material?

You bet!

But they have more to do with how you think as you write than with any before or after writing techniques. Here they are.


As you write, visualize the material you are writing about. If you can see the characters, the action, the scene, the product, or whatever, then your reader will see it with you. There is a subtle link connecting your brain with your hand that enables you to innocently convey what you see to your readers. It happens automatically. As you write, visualize what you are writing about, and your words will naturally fit the image.

Another approach is to visualize your reader. If you know your reader, perfect. If you don't, try to conjure up an image of who you think your reader is. As you'll see in a second, writing to a person, an individual, is powerful.

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