How many times have you read a memo and then called the author of it to find out what was meant? How often do the reports you see need to be explained in a follow-up meeting?

Poor written communication costs you and your business time and money. You know it. I know it. But what can you do about it?

Give me two hours—even one hour—and I can teach you and your associates how to Turbocharge Your Writing!

I'm a professional writer and the author of three books on writing. Over the years I have developed a new way to perfect writing.

My seven-step breakthrough formula has already helped hundreds of people vastly improve their writing. They now write memos, letters, and reports that are easy, clear, and direct.

Ask the people I have already taught—everyone from writers, editors, speakers, psychologists, engineers, salespeople, lawyers, computer programmers, and high school students to clerks, accountants, and executives. Everyone is satisfied!

My program is exciting, unique, and innovative. What I offer you is a tested strategy—a proven technique—that gets results.

And it's guaranteed to work. I'm so sure you will profit from my Turbocharge Your Writing program that I will guarantee it—unconditionally. I'll come in, do the program for your group, and let you decide just how truly beneficial it is.

Call me for details. Call within three days and I'll send you a free copy of my best-selling booklet, Turbocharge Your Writing!

You have nothing to lose—and a lot of time and money to save!

Pretty obvious which letter has sex appeal, isn't it?


People read whatever you put into a box.

Yes, you can make your writing "sexy." Those tips will work every time. Try it and see.

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