Four Ways To Make Your Writing More Inviting

To avoid a solid block of type:

1. Use bullets.

2. Use quotes.

3. Use itsy-bitsy paragraphs.

Here's a quick explanation of each.


A bullet is a dot or star or asterisk. (See Chapter 10.) You can use bullets anywhere, anytime, and they will always work. They are a way to list ideas or key points. Readers love 'em!


Readers love quotes. Put something in quotation marks and it'll be read before anything else. Why? Because people are interested in people. They want to know what was said, not what you want to say. As Horace said, "The musician who always plays on the same string is laughed at." (Think about it.)

Little Paragraphs

Break up your paragraphs into one or two lines each. Stagger their length so they don't become predictable. Which would you read first: a letter single-spaced with a two-line first paragraph, a three-line second one, a one-line third one, and so on?

Take a look at the following letters and tell me which is easier to read (they are the same letter):

Example One

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