Get Excited

As you write, feel what you are trying to convey. Let some emotions seep in. When you tell a story in person to someone you feel comfortable with, you move your hands, change voice inflections, raise and squint your eyes, and much more. You become animated and alive. But you may become aloof and dignified when you write about the same story. The result is a dud. Put excitement into your writing. Let go. Feel emotion. Get moved and you'll move your reader.

You can test this for yourself. Go to a party and watch the life of the party. He or she tells stories with great passion and verve. Take that same individual, put a pen into his or her hand, and say, "Write out the story you told at the party." They freeze! Most of us do. Instead, let go. Write your letters and articles with all the spontaneous energy and enthusiasm you have. Be yourself. Don't write to impress; write to share a feeling.

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