Get Someone To Read It Out Loud To

To me, this is the most powerful and illuminating way to find out where your writing stands.

Hand your writing to a friend and ask them to read it aloud to you. Why? Because this makes the reading process visible. When your friend reads the material, listen to them and watch them. If they have to reread lines, or stumble over some words, or wrinkle their brow, then those are areas that need to be rewritten!

When you send your writing to an agent or editor or customer, you have no idea what they will find difficult to read. They read your words in their office, and you can't tell what they think. But when you have someone to read the material out loud, right in front of you, the entire process becomes obvious. Any troublesome, hard to read areas will be blazingly apparent.

Hypnotic Writing has to be easy, simple, and clear to be effective. When someone reads your material to you, you will easily spot where you need to correct your prose.

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