How Lindsay Lohan and I Discovered the Fountain of Youth or The Psychology of the Second Interest

Last night I dreamed I went on a quest into a dark jungle to find The Secret to health, wealth, and happiness.

When I returned from my travels, glad to get to my tent, tired but excited by what I had dug up, famous singer/actress/model Lindsay Lohan was waiting for me.

I was a little surprised, but I just figured I attracted her. (See

After all, 7th Heaven actress Jessica Biel loves my book The Attractor Factor and actor James Caan accepted my book when he and I hung out together on the set of Las Vegas. (See

So having Lindsay Lohan in my tent wasn't too surprising.

So I said hey.

She wanted to hear about my trip into the wilds. She seemed excited and fascinated, her hypnotic eyes locked on mine as I told her my tale.

I told her that weeks earlier I stumbled across a rare plant that could be turned into a tea that helped people start youthing rather than aging.

Despite her young age, and her wealth, and her fame, she was smart enough to know this could be a huge moneymaker.

She wanted to know more.

I reached for my dirty burlap bag and pulled out the root of the plant I had found.

She sensed this was something historic.

"This will help people lose weight and grow younger?" she asked.

"I'm sure of it," I said. "Look at me. Don't I look younger already?"

She stared at me as if I were a talking car, but she nodded.

"You look great!" she said.

Nothing like having a sexy movie star compliment you.

She added, "You won't even need to bribe people to buy this stuff like you did at"

"I'm not so sure," I told her. "People don't take action unless they are motivated to do so. An ethical bribe gets them to get off their butts. They may not even buy the Fountain of Youth in a bottle without some added incentive. We in marketing call it The Psychology of the Second Interest.

I explained to her that even though my latest book Life's Missing Instruction Manual is good for people, they won't buy it right now unless something extra moves them to do so.

That's why I'm offering more than $13,000 in bonuses when people get the book at

And it's that very bribe that caused my book to rocket to #1 at Amazon and stay there for four days.

It's still a top bestseller right now.

Lindsay seemed impressed.

She moved closer to me.

I held my breath, not sure what she wanted.

"Joe, can I ask you a question?" she seductively whispered, almost like one of her songs on her new music CD www.lindsay

"Ah ... er ... yes," I replied, stiffening.

I wasn't sure what she was going to ask.

Finally, she spoke: "Can I go with you on your next trip into the jungle?"

Hmmm. Lindsay Lohan wants to put on a backpack and take a trip into the darkness of the forest with me.

What should I say?

I know what my beautiful Nerissa would want me to say.

That's about when I woke up.

If I were a student of Jung or Freud and better understood dream interpretation (, I might know what this dream was really trying to tell me.

Do you have any idea?

Ao Akua,


P.S. Despite what you might be thinking about hypnotic stories, hypnotic language, and other hypnotic secret things found in, the above was a dream I really had last night. I'm not making it up. Really.

P.P.S. I wonder if Lindsay Lohan had the same dream? In one of her songs the lyrics could be speaking about me: "I can't live without you . . . Can't breathe without you . . . I dream about you . . ." Lindsay_Lohan/Over

As you can see, the story is embedded with hypnotic commands, some obvious, some not so obvious. How many of them did you spot?

Let's start with the headline. The original headline, when I wrote the first draft of the blog, was My Dream of Lindsay Lohan. I didn't stop there because I didn't think anyone would care about my dream. I needed to make it more hypnotic. That's when I decided to make the headline about a mystery, on how she and I discovered the fountain of youth.

You might also note that the word discover in the headline is a hypnotic word. And the lead word How suggests something being solved. I didn't stop there, because I added a secondary headline. The idea of The Psychology of the Second Interest sounds curious, which of course is a powerful hypnotic tool.

The blog post then picks up with the actual story. As you read it, you can see in your mind the events unfold. On the blog, I placed an actual picture of Lindsay Lohan, which helped people pay attention to my writing. (She's pretty hypnotic to look at.) But the story itself keeps people riveted.

You should also notice that I use dialogue in the story. This is a hypnotic method used by every great author from Agatha Christie to, well, me. Anything with quotation marks around it is unconsciously perceived as being alive, interesting, and happening right now. We learned to pay attention to quotes because they are usually around something interesting. I use them to keep people riveted.

As you read the post carefully, you should notice embedded commands. For example, when I wrote, "She added, 'You won't even need to bribe people to buy this stuff like you did at www,'" I used the command buy this stuff to command people to actually buy this stuff.

I suggest you study the post for any other elements of Hypnotic Writing at work. And for further study, visit my blog at

Here's an example of a hypnotic story in an e-mail:

I didn't know who "Mr. H" was. Not until he got in his jet two years ago and flew down to see me.

Even then all I knew was that he is a wealthy businessman who started a simple business in his basement and now makes around $12,000,000 a year.

He read one of my books, liked it, and asked to visit with me.

He flew down, stayed the night with us, and told us his whole story.

I was fascinated.

That's when he told me he was the mysterious "Mr. H" who had been recorded years earlier revealing his secrets.

That's when he explained how he turned a dumb looking web site into an "ATM machine" that makes $32,876 a day.

As you can imagine, there's lots to learn about marketing and success from this "Mr. H" character.

And now you can learn his secrets.

Those long lost audios are now available again. I suggest you take a look. See http://www. 1 1338171.

He'll probably never fly down to visit you, and he may never fly back to visit me again (I don't think he liked what we fed him), but here's your chance to hear his wisdom whenever you want it. If I were you, I'd get it now, before these audios once again disappear.

Go see.

P.S. What Is Beyond Marketing? See

Here's another example of an e-mail using the hypnotic story approach.

Look in the mirror.

Can you tell what your cholesterol level is?

I couldn't either by just looking at myself.

So I had blood work done. To my surprise, it revealed that mine is high.

I couldn't believe it.

Not only am I in good shape, had just lost 80 pounds, work out every day, and eat right (I think), but I feel fine.

That's the trouble with cholesterol: You can't feel if it's high or low. It's a tricky devil.

I grew concerned about mine. I researched online but got confused with all the promises of lowered cholesterol with questionable pills, some natural, some prescribed.

What was I to do?

I called a friend of mine who is a medical doctor and an emergency room physician.

He told me there is a natural product that lowers cholesterol in 30 days by about 30%.

All you have to do is take two capsules at dinner. That's it.

He's so confident it will work for anyone that he says to take your blood work now, and then take it after 30 days of using his formula. He says your cholesterol *will* be lower.

I wanted a bottle.

But he didn't have any.

It's his formula, but he's sold out. Since he's a start up company, he was waiting to create the next batch.

I didn't want to wait.

I offered to pay for his new batch.

I became an investor on the spot.

But all I really wanted was the bottle.

In short, I'm paying $12,500 for a bottle of capsules that will help lower my cholesterol—naturally and safely—and within 30 days.

The good news for you—or for anyone you know with high cholesterol—is you can now get a bottle for only $22.

Because I made an investment of $12,500, there is now a limited supply of bottles for you to get for yourself or family or friends.

Look in the mirror again.

Don't you deserve to be healthy?


Go for it.

P.S. The formula contains a secret ingredient that, as far as I know, no other capsule contains. Yet this secret ingredient can prevent heart attacks and strokes, while also lowering cholesterol. You can get a Special Report on this at

Stories are powerful for another reason, too. The following chapter might be considered Advanced Hypnotic Writing, but I want to discuss it to give you a sense of the power you hold in your hands when you create a sales letter or a web site with hypnotic stories and Hypnotic Writing.

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