Hypnotic Quiz

Would you like to have a little fun right now? Here's a brief quiz to help you realize how easy it is to add the phrases and sentence starters from the preceding chapter to your writing: Go through this book—that's right, the one you are reading right now—and see if you can spot all the times I slipped in a hypnotic phrase.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you spotted every time I put a hypnotic twist on a sentence? clues:

"Wouldn't it be amazing if" is a phrase from the list in the preceding chapter.

You probably know that I've used Hypnotic Writing throughout these pages.

"You probably know" is also a phrase from the collection.

Are you beginning to see how easy this is?

"Are you beginning to see how" is also from the collection of phrases.

Now review this book and maybe highlight or underline all the places you spot Hypnotic Writing phrases.

Why not do it right now?

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