Hypnotic Writing

How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words


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Hypnotic writing : how to seduce and persuade customers with only your words / Joe Vitale. p. cm.

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10 987654321

To Robert Collier

All successful communication is hypnosis.

Words were originally magic and to this day words have retained much of their ancient magical power.

—Sigmund Freud, 1915

In what I call waking hypnosis, however, all four of these features are absent; sleep is not mentioned in the preliminary explanation to the subject; sleep is not suggested, directly or indirectly; the subject experiences neither drowsiness nor sleepiness, if we may trust his introspective account; and there are present none of the objective indications of drowsiness or sleep.


Author's Warning xv

Acknowledgments xix

Introduction John Burton xxi


It's Time to Awaken



Stop! Do This First



What Is Impossible?



A Disclaimer



A Beginning



Agatha Christie Proves Hypnotic Writing Exists



My Secret to Hypnotic Writing



You Can't Even Bribe Me to Read a Lousy Letter!



What Is Hypnotic Writing?



Hypnotic Writing: A Case Study



The Great Intimacy Secret



What's More Important than Copy?



Hypnotic Writing Controlled Study



How I Learned the Secret of Hypnotic Writing



What Is Hypnosis?



Two Ways to Cause Action



What About Your Web Site?



How Long Is Too Long?



What Every Reader Wants to Know



The Hypnotic Power of Repetition


21 The Inner Game of Hypnotic Writing 84

22 Imitation Sugar Is Sweet, Too! 91

23 How to Jump-Start the Muse 96

24 How to Nail Your Reader's Attention 99

25 How to Make Your Writing Walk, Talk, and Breathe 103

26 Give Me Some Meat! 109

27 A Writing Lesson from the World's Greatest Hypnotist 112

28 Electrifying Tips for Creating Breakthrough Writing 115

29 A Case against Perfection 118

30 How to Persuade Readers to Your Side 121

31 Warp Speed Editing Secrets Worth Killing For 127

32 How to Make Your Writing Sexy 133

33 How People Think 137

34 How to Create Hypnotic Stories 139

35 How to Control the "Command Center" in Your Prospect's Mind 144

36 The One Hypnotic Command That Always Works 148

37 What I Learned from The Sea Wolf 152

38 Your Turning Point Message 155

39 What Everyone Will Always Read 158

40 Your Connotation Is Showing 160

41 What Are My Secrets for Writing Hypnotic

Selling Stories? 164

42 Hypnotic Blogging 166

43 Reminders as Triggers 174

44 How to Change Average Writing into

Hypnotic Writing 176

45 30 Ways to Write a Hypnotic Headline 178

46 Hypnotic Openings 189

47 Hypnotic Quiz 192

48 My Three Biggest Secrets 193

49 How Much Is That Doggie in the Window? 197

50 How to Change Perception 199

51 At Last! The Joe Vitale Hypnotic Writing Formula 205

52 A New Hypnotic Copy Checklist 215

53 The Five Secret Laws of Hypnotic Persuasion 217

54 The Seven Most Hypnotic Books of All Time 219

55 The Hypnotic Writing Formula 222

56 Your Challenge 224

Appendix: Hypnotic E-Mails 225

Bibliography 246

Index 253

About Dr. Joe Vitale 261

Bonus Offer 262

Author's Warning

The material you are about to read is based on a privately published book I sold to seminar attendees in 1985. I later updated and released the material in 1995, as my first e-book. It became an instant online bestseller. In 2004 I taught a private seminar based on the principles in this book. Attendees paid $5,000 each to sit at my feet and hear the secrets you are about to read. This book in your hands is an enlarged, revised, and updated edition of all my previous works on the subject.

Hypnotic Writing is powerful. Anyone who uses it will increase their ability to communicate and persuade, which can obviously lead to more sales.

But there are other reasons to use Hypnotic Writing than immediate sales. For example, a friend of mine is a medical doctor. He can't get everyone to follow his advice. Smokers keep smoking. Overeaters keep eating. If he knew some of the principles of persuasion that you'll learn in this book, he would be better able to up his success rate at getting people to do what is in their best interest to do. Whether he writes or speaks, he could use words in a more hypnotic way to get better results.

Also novelists, journalists, romance writers, e-mail writers, web site creators, and even blog writers can use Hypnotic Writing to capture more readers and keep them longer. The secrets in this book will help you make your writing stand out in the crowd. In this age of information overload, you need an edge. Hypnotic Writing is it.

This book itself is an example of Hypnotic Writing. Throughout this book you will find yourself going into a light hypnotic trance. Better stated, you will not notice you were in a trance until you wake up from it. In other words, you will become aware that you hadn't been aware. That's fine, as it means you were in a "waking trance" (which I explain later).

Obviously, this will not cause you any harm. I'm mentioning it so you become alert to the hidden mechanism of Hypnotic Writing at work, even in this very book, so you can begin to use it in your own writings later.

Please use this material for good. You cannot make anyone do anything against their will, so don't even try. Hypnotic Writing is for ethical businesspeople (or anyone else) who want to better state their case to their prospects.

Someone wrote me a nice letter, thanking me for my books but also taking the time to tell me she was "put off" by my use of hypnosis in marketing. She said it removed choice from people. She thought it was evil.

Since you may be thinking the same thing, let me point out a few facts:

Hypnosis never removes choice. You can't be made to do something under hypnosis that you didn't already want to do while fully awake. For proof, just ask yourself if you buy everything I offer. Probably not. Yet I'm the father of Hypnotic Writing. Obviously, you used your power of choice to buy or not, despite any "hypnosis" in my marketing.

• Hypnosis is not evil. It is used by dentists, doctors, and psychologists to help people get more of what they want out of life. It's been sanctioned by the American Medical Association since the 1950s. Anyone still thinking hypnosis is evil is caught up in a cultural myth, which is a kind of trance all by itself.

So what is hypnosis?

My definition of hypnosis is anything that holds your attention. A good movie, or book, is a type of hypnosis. So is a good sales letter, or sales pitch, or infomercial. I'm not talking about manipulating minds; I'm talking about entertaining them. For example:

• Britney Spears is pretty hypnotic. But not everyone buys her music. (I don't.)

• Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code, is pretty hypnotic. But not everyone buys his books. (I don't.)

• Harry Potter has much of the world in a trance. But not everyone buys the books. (I don't.)

Bottom line: Hypnosis is another tool. It does not control people and it does not give godlike powers to anyone. In marketing, it gives you an edge, but if you use it to try to sell a lousy product, it won't help you at all.

Kevin Hogan, hypnosis trainer and author of several books, including The Psychology of Persuasion, says, "Hypnosis makes life better in most every way. It gives a salesperson or marketer a decided advantage over the competition but not over the client."

You want to learn Hypnotic Writing because it helps you get and hold attention. It also makes you a much better communicator.

After all, if you aren't getting attention and you aren't holding it, you aren't doing any selling, are you?

—Joe Vitale, www.mrfire.com


I want to thank everyone involved in creating this book, many of whom I'll forget to mention by name, so forgive me. Nerissa, my love, is my main support person and best friend. Matt Holt and my friends at Wiley are terrific people to know and work with. Blair Warren and David Deutsch are best friends and lovers of books. Suzanne Burns is my key assistant and publicist, and a positive influence in my life. Kevin Hogan helped me become a better hypnotist. David Garfinkel and everyone in my mastermind group supported me in this project, including Jillian Coleman-Wheeler, Cindy Cashman, Craig Perrine, Pat O'Bryan, Bill Hibbler, and Nerissa Oden. Mark Joyner was the first to believe in this book over 10 years ago, when it was a skinny e-book that made history online. Elsom Eldridge has shown his support of me and this material every year by asking me to speak about Hypnotic Writing at the annual National Guild of Hypnotists convention. Thank you, one and all.


John Burton

Wow! Multilayered goodness in each piece. You think the outer layer is wonderful but then, as you delve deeper, you go to the center and find the most satisfying textures, savoring each uniquely flavored nugget. A new candy bar? No, no, no. Joe's new book, Hypnotic Writing, a "how to" manual, is just that and so much more. Joe not only describes how to do Hypnotic Writing with great details and guidance, he also explains what it is and why to use it along with countless examples of successful applications. You get to glimpse behind the scenes into the creation of Hypnotic Writing. And you get to learn how to do Hypnotic Writing for yourself as Joe guides and supports you through the whole learning process.

Just who am I to make such claims about Joe's book, Hypnotic Writing? I come from a field, not so far away, a field where I also explore, develop, and utilize hypnotic language. But I use hypnotic language differently from Joe. I hold a doctorate from Vanderbilt university in human development counseling and a master's in clinical psychology. I'm a licensed counselor and supervisor in Greenville, South Carolina, running my own private counseling practice. I've been a practicing counselor for over 20 years and a practicing human being for 51 years. I'm also certified as a clinical hypnotherapist. I co-wrote Hypnotic Language: Its Structure and

Use and was the sole author of States of Equilibrium. My next hypnotic language book is due for publishing this autumn. Now we find the convergence.

I hold a great fascination and appreciation for language and its amazing power. Words exist like winged energy, transporting us to places high and wide. Words link each of us together as human beings. Words can paint pictures, move us to tears or to joy. Words can expand our consciousness until there are no words for the experience. I have read and studied, practiced, and been in trainings with experts in hypnosis. Language is the vehicle that transports us to that wonderful otherworld, hypnotic trance. Here, we can do anything as everything is available.

Joe Vitale is an expert in his field. He has studied, read countless books and articles, and practiced and received trainings from linguistic and marketing experts. He uses this expertise to persuade consumers to purchase particular products or services. Some might say that the category of marketing or sales and the category of psychotherapy exist in a mutually exclusive way. But I can safely say that while sales is not therapy, therapy is sales. So I am familiar with this interesting process and its dynamics.

Perception, motivation, and values combine to create choice. Language in general and hypnotic language in particular, written or spoken, can provide the necessary perceptual shifts, access motivation, and lead toward satisfying choices. Choice may exist as the way our free will manifests. Joe skillfully and effectively identifies and works with these principles and dynamics that exist within each of us. And he does it with love, yes love! Joe does not stoop to low-level and transparent tricks in his work. He rises to higher levels of being in order to bring love into the equation. I believe this element of love provides the difference in what works over the long haul with consistency. After all, love is what we each seek. Love rules. As William Law stated, "Love is infallible, it has no errors, for all errors are the want of love."

Joe accomplishes many feats in this book. He does not make you meet him where he is; he meets you where you are. This makes it so much easier for the reader, you. Joe does what good teachers do. He helps you identify your current style, ways of thinking, and beliefs. He provides exercises to encourage getting in touch with your thoughts, perceptions, and goals. And imagine this: He induces a trance in the process! Throughout this whole work, Joe masterfully invokes trance after trance so that you will gain insight and more deeply understand Hypnotic Writing. Experience is not just the best teacher. It may be the only teacher. Reading this book gives you the experience of Hypnotic Writing. This all leads to your mastery of Hypnotic Writing. But this process of gaining mastery includes more than just writing hypnotically.

Another significant quality of this book is that you don't just learn Joe's Hypnotic Writing. You learn how to do this for yourself, how to make Hypnotic Writing your own. Joe does not suggest you mimic him. He does not want you to write from rote! He shows you how to launch off in your own direction, drawing on your inner creativity. How does Joe do it? Well, this brings us to another powerful dynamic recurring throughout this book.

The book presents the material in such a way as to makes the unconscious conscious. Hmmm, now that's an interesting notion. Just what the heck is that, the unconscious becoming conscious? Some of you may have experienced your conscious mind becoming unconscious. But with Joe's book, he writes in a way that increases your awareness, not just by providing you with more information. Joe lifts the cover off the unconscious processes used in Hypnotic Writing. Now you can see, understand, and utilize these potent principles in your own writing.

The genius of the master hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson, was apparently so natural to him that Erickson himself could not or would not fully explain the processes he used in hypnotherapy. Many experts studied Erickson's hypnotherapeutic ways so that others could understand the processes and utilize them as therapists. In this book, Joe identifies and illuminates the many attributes of effective Hypnotic Writing. You don't have to wonder what qualities are present in Hypnotic Writing. He lists them clearly. Joe provides examples and practice exercises for you to gain familiarity with them.

Yet another accomplishment happens in this book. Joe not only shows you how to write hypnotically, not only shows you how he does it, not only helps you develop your own style, but (whew!) he provides you with references to numerous experts who know Hypnotic Writing and the mental-behavioral principles driving it from within. He shows you, trains you, and then points you toward resources that you can use to further enlighten and train yourself. The result is that you gain the knowledge and master the know-how to become an accomplished hypnotic writer. Oh, and one more thing. You must practice. Only practice as much as you want to get good at Hypnotic Writing.

John J. Burton, Ed.D. Author, Hypnotic Language and States of Equilibrium www.DrJohnBurton.com

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