Dialogue In My Mind

My second secret may seem bizarre. What I do is imagine I am speaking to someone, telling them what I am writing, and I guess what their questions are. In short, I talk to myself—or at least talk to an imaginary reader in my mind.

In traditional selling, this is called paying attention to the objections and answering them. It's true in Hypnotic Writing as well. You want to cover all the bases, answer all the questions, give all the details, so your reader is well equipped to make a decision.

Dan Kennedy's tip is to think of all the reasons someone can possibly not buy your item. Whatever they might say, address it in some convincing way. For example:

Not enough money? Offer a payment plan or send it with no payment required up front.

No need for the item? List the various ways your prospect might use it.

No belief in you? Offer testimonials, a guarantee, and anything else you can think of to prove your case.

I admit I'm doing a type of psychic mind reading act when I practice this second step, but I also confess that this is one of the biggest reasons my letters are so successful. I'm constantly rereading my letters, asking myself, "What is the reader asking here?" I then address it.

Far too much copy doesn't give enough information. I love buying stuff from catalogs and off the Internet. But when the catalog description doesn't answer all my questions, I don't buy. My friend Winston Marsh, Australia's famous marketing guru, says that when people are thinking about buying, they become information junkies. They want long copy. They want answers. My job is to anticipate their questions and answer them.

That's my second secret.

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