Dont Do The Writing

Shocked? What I mean is, I command or request the writing from my unconscious. This may startle you, but some of the greatest writers of all time did not think through their writing. Instead, they wrote it almost by dictation. In other words, they listened to something within and just wrote.

Ray Bradbury would write a story every day, never knowing what he would write until after he had written it.

Jack London disciplined himself to write 1,000 words every morning, whether he knew what to write or not.

Richard Webster, a friend and prolific author, writes 2,000 words every day—because he misheard the amount of words Jack London wrote.

Eugene Schwartz, the famous copywriter and author of Breakthrough Advertising, would set a timer and write in 3372-minute spurts.

Eric Butterworth, a famous Unity minister and prolific author, would write what he called gibberish every morning, knowing that after he had started this spontaneous writing, it would soon take form and become his next radio sermon, weekly column, or book.

Dan Kennedy writes for one hour every morning, no matter what. He's one of the highest paid copywriters in the world.

What all of these writers are doing is keeping the door open to their unconscious. They are allowing creativity to visit them. They are letting the Muse know that they are available to receive new information.

I've learned to trust my unconscious. This is actually very hypnotic. Hypnotists know that our unconscious contains the answers to virtually all our questions, and has access to more than what we consciously know. This is why doing your homework in the research phase is so critical. You are feeding your Muse, so to speak.

So my first big secret is that when I sit to write, I do it without much of an idea of what I will say. I have an intention, yes, but not a formulated plan. I'm doing that right now, as I type these words. I'm just typing as fast as I can, letting my unconscious direct what flows. I know I'll edit this later. As long as I know what is exciting, or unique, about the product or service I'm copywriting about, I'm fired up enough to start my draft.

That's my first secret.

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