Plug In Hypnotic Language

This is where I shine. What I do is read my writing with my famous Swipe File at my side. I look for places to replace a phrase with a hypnotic statement.

You've already seen some of this at work earlier in this book. I often go through a letter a dozen times, reading it over, looking for places I can rewrite into a hypnotic statement. The Swipe File is my crutch and secret weapon here. I think anyone serious about writing persuasively needs to have the Swipe File. I'm not telling you that because I wrote the Swipe File (with Larry Dotson). I'm telling you that because it's the truth.

I can write about any product or service with the name of the product or service in my mind and the Swipe File in my hand. I won't be as hypnotic as I would be after doing research first, but the point is this: The Swipe File gives me power. Get it?

And that's my third secret.

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