How Long Is Too Long?

By now you can see that you can make your web site or sales letter pretty lengthy just following the three-step, no-pain formula. This doesn't mean you want a web site or letter that runs on forever. But it does mean you can take your time to share your message. After all, people will read any amount of words on a web site, as long as they are interesting to them. And that's the trick that makes millionaires out of paupers.

Keep in mind that as a general rule, the more you tell, the more you sell. That means don't be afraid of long copy (copy means words in marketing lingo). Web sites with long copy (lots of words) tend to do better than web sites with fewer words. But again, they can't just be any words. As you know, if you bore people, they will leave your site in a nanosecond. Boredom breaks the trance.

My own rule of thumb is this: The more money you are asking for, the more words you should write.

If you are asking people to sign up for only a free newsletter, a few well chosen words may do. If you want them to buy something under ten dollars, again, a few well chosen words may be enough. But if you want someone to buy a $15,000 exercise machine—as the people over at want you to do— you have a lot of explaining to do. That will take some words. They better be hypnotic words, too.

The point is, the length of copy at your web site will depend on what you are selling. If people are familiar with your product or service, you may not have to say much. If people easily understand why your price is what it is, again, you may not have to say much. But if you have to explain your product, or your price, do so with as many words as you need.

Your guiding principle should always be to focus on the interests of the people visiting your site or reading your sales letter. Again, people will read long copy—they read books, articles, and newspapers, for example—as long as it is interesting to them. If people aren't reading your web site copy, then you haven't written to their interests.

Let's take a closer look at how to interest people.

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