What Are My Secrets for Writing Hypnotic Selling Stories?

What did you notice about the title of this chapter?

I asked you a question, didn't I?

In fact, I just asked two more questions.

I have found questions to be a remarkable way to engage people, to get them started reading your story. As my friend Joe Sugarman says, the goal of the first line of any sales story is to get people to read the next line. Well, when I use a question as my first line, I'm virtually guaranteed to get you to read the next line.

You're still reading, aren't you?

(Yes, that was another question.)

Now that you're near the end of the first section of this book, I reveal one of my favorite secrets for writing Hypnotic Selling Stories.

Yes, I'm talking about questions. I love questions. But unless the question is open-ended, there's the risk it will not engage your reader or listener.

In other words, if the title of this chapter was something like: Do You Know My Secrets for Writing Hypnotic Selling Stories?, you could answer it with a yes or a no and all would be over. You wouldn't have much reason to keep reading. That's not good.

Instead, by asking an open-ended question as: What Are My Secrets for Writing Hypnotic Selling Stories?, there is no way you can accurately answer it without reading this chapter.

Do you see how powerful this technique is? (Yes, that was another question.)

So my tip to you is to remember to engage people with questions. The more open-ended, the better.

Got it?

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