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Intention means state your goal or desired outcome for your writing.

What do you want to achieve? Be specific. You don't want to write a sales letter. Anyone can do that. You want to write a sales letter that pulls in a certain number of orders. Whatever your intention, write it down. This programs your mind with a target.

When David Garfinkel, a terrific copywriter, was writing a challenging letter, he called me for some advice. I gave him one tip: "Ask yourself what it would take to get a 100% response."

Now, getting a 100% response from any copy would be a miracle, but it happens. Bruce Barton wrote a letter in 1925 that pulled a 100% response—everyone answered and everyone sent in money. (You can see the letter in my book The Seven Lost Secrets of Success.)

So what is your intention with the writing you are about to create? Go ahead and jot down your intention here.

While you're thinking about your intention, let me reveal a new way to direct your mind to help you create powerful Hypnotic Writing. I've never discussed this secret before. Ever. You're reading an exclusive news bulletin here.

Noah St. John is a dear friend, author of Permission to Succeed, and creator of a method he calls "Afformations." Now, affir mations are traditionally positive statements used to program your mind. "I am now wealthy," is an affirmation. "I now write hypnotic copy," is also an affirmation.

But Noah says those are limiting statements that don't engage the mind. Instead, he advises asking "why" questions. An example might be, "Why am I now wealthy?" Or "Why do I now write hypnotic copy?" He calls them affor mations.

Noah says the why questions awaken the mind and cause it to seek out answers to make the question's hidden statement come true. So when you ask, "Why am I now at my ideal weight?," you direct your mind to find the reasons and the method to achieve your ideal weight.

With all of this in mind, use a why question to help you create Hypnotic Writing. You might ask, "Why did my sales letter get a 100% response?" Or maybe, "Why am I now a wealthy hypnotic writer?"

You get the idea. Set an intention for your writing in any way that feels best for you. The idea is to direct your mind to achieve the results you desire.

Why not set an intention for your next piece of writing right now? You can build on what you wrote earlier, or try an "afforma-tion" type of question. Write it here.

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Universal Attraction Law

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