Know What You Want

Before you do anything you must know what you want to accomplish. What is your goal? What is your objective? When people read your letter (or advertisement or whatever it might be), what do you want them to do?

This is step one in Turbocharge Your Writing. Everything you write will fall into line to support your objective once you state your objective. The great baseball player Babe Ruth was known for walking up to the plate and pointing to where he intended to hit the ball. Ruth was a showman and his pointing thrilled people, but it also helped him hit more home runs than anyone else in history at that time. Babe Ruth stated his intention ("I'm going to hit the ball there") and, more often than not, he did exactly what he said he would.

What action do you want your readers to take? Shoot for the moon. When I created a letter to send to managers about my writing seminars, I wanted a 100% response. I wanted every manager to read the letter, get excited, and call me.

That didn't happen. But my grand objective helped me write one of the most powerful and persuasive letters in my own literary history.

What do you want your letter to accomplish?

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