I promise, after just one weekend with STRIPPED-DOWN GUITAR, you will be inspired and thrilled with how satisfying the guitar can be! And once you've gotten a taste of IMPRESSING

your friends and family by performing your favorite songs, you will be completely STOKED!

Playing guitar STRIPPED-DOWN style is CLEAR, CONCISE, and geared to give you QUICK RESULTS that will keep you engaged and excited about your developing skills.

In STRIPPED-DOWN GUITAR, I reveal secrets like:

• My one-weekend, step-by-step "stripped-down" method to start playing the guitar.

• The two guitar accessories a beginner cannot do without.

• The best place to find the chords to your favorite songs on the Internet.

• The most important secret to choosing your first song to learn.

• Finger by finger instructions for making the most common guitar chords.

• The indispensable secret for actually getting your fingers to learn faster.

• The number one thing you need to know about guitar tab sites that I had to learn the VERY hard way.

• The most important technique for freeing up space in your brain to learn more quickly.

• The little-known fact that can make a decent singer out of anyone and the one secret that can have you singing any song better ... instantly!

• The four indispensable techniques for overcoming stage fright.

• How to deal with an unsympathetic audience member.

—So you can capture the magic of being a musician, even if you never dreamed you could!


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