My girlfriend and I are having dinner. We have gone out to see a movie. Afterwards we drive through the city night, the top down on my new BMW Z3, as we hold hands and breathe the fresh, cool air. Now, at dinner, we are feeling deeply close.

At that moment by girlfriend leans over to me, looks me right in the eye, and asks, "Do you know I love you?"

I quickly nod and smile. Yes, of course, I know she loves me.

She doesn't blink an eye. She again looks at me and says, "Do you know I love you?"

I laugh a little nervously. "Yes, I know it," I reply.

She doesn't stop. She again says, "Do you know I love you?"

I'm silent this time. Now I'm *really* hearing her.

Suddenly my heart wells up with emotion. I feel an overwhelming amount of love in my chest. I look at my girlfriend and realize—truly get—that she loves me. It's a moment I'll never forget.

It, too, is hypnotic.


I've discovered that one of the most powerful tools of persuasion any hypnotic writer can have is simply this: repetition.

Don't dismiss this concept. It helped Robin Williams heal a troubled youth. It helped my girlfriend get into my heart. And it can help you influence your readers to do what you want.

Repetition isn't new, of course. P.T. Barnum, maybe the best marketing mind the world has ever seen, used this concept back in the late 1800s. As I point out in my book on Barnum, There's A Customer Born Every Minute, one of his ads had one line repeating:

Two Living Whales

Two Living Whales

Two Living Whales

Two Living Whales

Two Living Whales

You can't help but take a quick look at Barnum's ad and know he has two living whales on display.

Advertising man and author Kenneth Goode, in his 1932 book, Advertising, wrote "As a matter of fact, the greatest of all advertising tricks is that of persistently pounding away at the same suggestion while still keeping the appearance of freshness of idea."

And Walter Honek, a mail-order genius who wrote the 1994 book, My Amazing Discovery, said: "Do not hesitate to repeat key words and phrases. Repeat them as often as necessary."

Repetition is hypnotic. It's what good hypnotists use to install their suggestions in your mind. Their repeatedly saying, "You are getting sleepy" is said because, heard enough times, you will get sleepy.

The same thing can happen in your writing. Consciously choose to repeat your main points. Don't be afraid to re-say something. The more you repeat your basic offer or basic reasons to buy, the more you will influence the reader's unconscious mind.

Repetition is hypnotic.

Repetition is hypnotic.

Repetition is hypnotic.

Just ask Robin Williams.

Or my girlfriend.

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