Self Two The Master Writer

Also within you is a wiser part called Self Two, the Master.

Right now you are reading these lines and maybe you're aware of your thoughts as you read. But it isn't quite that simple, is it? Going on automatically and unconsciously is a complex system of body-mind coordination. Not only are you looking at these words with eyes that are constantly moving, which have muscles operating them that you aren't aware of, but you are also receiving this input from a brain that is firing off neurons in more directions than either of us can imagine. And even as you read, your body is somehow breathing, your heart is pumping, your cells are renewing, and much more. If you suddenly put all of the actions under the control of Self One, you'd probably die.

In short, there is a part of you that can handle major life and death duties. It's Self Two. And this very same part of you can help you compose Hypnotic Writing!

Sound incredible? If so, that's Self One, the doubting Thomas, gagging on the idea of giving up control.

I first experienced the incredible freedom of Self Two writing while at the Option Institute in Sheffield, Massachusetts. I was there to spend a week with Barry Neil Kaufman, author of Son-Rise, Giant Steps, To Love Is to Be Happy With, and several other popular books (all worth reading, by the way).

Each night I would sit at my little desk and record my experiences. Occasionally Self One (the Editor, remember) would whisper in my ear, "Your writing isn't going well, is it?"

But I was relaxed and happy and content to allow myself the freedom to write whatever I wanted. Rather than forcing myself to edit my work as I wrote it, I decided to simply enjoy writing. I let go. And "something else" began to write.

Now this "something else" isn't anything metaphysical. It's simply a wise part of you. When you get out of the way, "it" is there.

The writing happens naturally. Think back to the last conversation you had with someone you liked and felt comfortable with. Didn't you just say the words as they came to you? You didn't think out or plan what you were going to say. You trusted yourself to speak. And you did.

You've written a lot of material in your life, haven't you? You've read a lot of books on writing, and you've read many other books on a wide variety of subjects, right? You've also gone to school, maybe even to college, and you've had many, many (too many?) hours of writing instruction.

You haven't forgotten any of it! It's all in you right now. Self Two, the Master Writer, has absorbed everything. If you let that part of you come out and write, you'll be surprised at the results! You might even be hypnotized by them!

Three Steps to Inner Writing

Here are the three steps to the "inner game" of Hypnotic Writing:

2. Step Two: Be aware of the moment.

3. Step Three: Trust what happens.

Let's take it a step at a time.

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