Take Stephen Kings Advice

Best-selling horror novelist Stephen King suggests you make 10 copies of your work and hand them to 10 friends. Invite their feedback. Ask them to edit your writing. Tell them to feel free to say whatever they want.

Yes, you are opening yourself to heavy gunfire. But you will also get a lot of editorial feedback—free!

The trick is to not take anything personally. Pretend you're a researcher. All you're doing is taking a poll. Who likes your writing? Who doesn't? What do they like? What do they hate?

King suggests that you look for the similarities in the feedback you get. In other words, if most of your 10 readers say they can't understand Chapter 5 in your book, then check out that chapter. But if you get a few isolated comments, don't worry about them. You can't please everyone.

Again, what you are looking for is the majority opinion. If all 10 people hate your title, change your title! But if only one person complains, I wouldn't bother about it.

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