The Five Secret Laws of Hypnotic Persuasion

I've never revealed these five secret laws before. They will help you create truly riveting Hypnotic Writing.

Here they are.

1. Engagement. The more you can engage your reader, the more inclined they'll be to buy your item when you ask for the order. Ask questions. Ask them to complete a task. Make your site interactive. Do you know what I mean? ©

2. Choice. Give people a choice that are win-wins for both you and him or her. One item offered to buy or not buy is not a good choice. Two items to buy—to choose between—gives the reader a sense of control. "Do you want this now or later?" implies they will want it.

3. Ego. Stroke their ego, but sincerely. Don't lie. Don't mislead. We all want flattery. You. Me. All of us. Pet a dog and he'll follow you home. You're smart, so you already know this. ©

4. Reward. Reward people who do what you ask—such as buy from you. Give them bonuses, premiums, unexpected extras. This creates value, removes buyer's remorse, and strokes the ego.

5. Curiosity. What's the most powerful psychological tool any Hypnotic Writer can use? I use this one every day. I might make a call to a friend and say, "Guess how much the most expensive Mercedes-Benz in history just sold for?" I won't tell them until I'm done saying whatever I called to say. My question opens their mind—engages them, yes—but also locks them onto my every word. At the end, I'll tell them a 1929 two-seater Mercedes-Benz just sold for over four million dollars, thereby completing the story. (A true story, too.)

See how many places you can use these secret laws in your writing. Make some notes here.

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