The Seven Most Hypnotic Books of All Time

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Jay Abraham, famous marketing strategist, interviewed me, Dan

Kennedy, and Jay Conrad Levinson one night. Jay asked each of us what our two favorite books were. I took a breath. Jay heard it.

"Books are your life, aren't they?" Jay asked me, knowing I'm a bookaholic with a giant collection of treasured works.

I found it hard to reply then, just as I find it hard to narrow the list down to a handful of books that I think are the most hypnotic of all time, at least for the purposes of learning how to write hypnotically. Nevertheless, I've done it. The list follows.

If you are serious about becoming a powerful Hypnotic Writer, then you need to study these books—at least these—as if they were handed to you by a superpower, a god, or the source of life itself. These books changed my life. Whatever it takes for you to get them, get them.

The Robert Collier Letter Book by Robert Collier. I was an average writer before reading this book. I was a Hypnotic Writer after it. More professional copywriters say this book changed their writing talents for the better more than any other book. You can get this masterpiece, in hardcover or paperback, from Collier's family. See

The Art of Readable Writing by Rudolf Flesch. This book opened my eyes. Flesch taught a simple method of communicating. Basically, write as you speak. He also invented the famous Readability Formula, which is a way to test how hard, or easy, your writing is to read. While this original book is now out of print, a wonderful new edition is available with the title The Classic Guide to Better Writing: Step-by-Step Techniques and Exercises to Write Simply, Clearly and Correctly. Amazon and bookstores sell it.

Unlimited Selling Power: How to Master Hypnotic Selling Skills by Donald Moine and Kenneth Lloyd. This is the book that triggered my idea to write Hypnotic Writing, way back in 1990. This excellent work explains conversational hypnosis, which is very close to Hypnotic Writing in style and technique. Amazon and bookstores sell it.

How to Write a Good Advertisement: A Short Course in Copy-writing by Victor Schwab. This 1962 gem is still valid today, no matter what you are writing. This basic course taught me the key elements of how to sell with words. It's still in print, usually available from Amazon, bookstores, or from

Million Dollar Mailings by Denison Hatch. A beautiful hardcover book revealing the inside story on 71 successful direct mail letters. A terrific way to become a great writer is to study great writings. Get this one and lock yourself in a room with it. Also get Hatch's other book, Method Marketing, which reveals how to get inside the heads of your readers. Brilliant stuff. At Amazon or from bookstores.

Covert Hypnosis by Kevin Hogan. Get this little known resource to understand hypnotic language patterns and much more, from body language to unconscious influence, all by a well-known and highly respected persuasion expert. Only available from

How to Write Letters that Sell: Winning Techniques for Achieving Sales through Direct Mail by Christian Godefroy and Dominique Glocheux. I love this book. It breaks down the process of how to write persuasive letters so anyone can do it. The examples are worth gold. The 21-point checklist is priceless. The only bad news is this book is now out of print. You might search eBay, Amazon, or for a used copy. It's worth the hunt.

Other Books to Read

Anything by John Caples.

Anything by Dan Kennedy.

Anything by Bob Bly.

Anything by Joe Sugarman.

Anything by David Garfinkel.

Anything by Joe Vitale. ©

More Resources

The Power of Outrageous Marketing by Joe Vitale. The Nightingale-Conant bestselling audio package includes books, workbook, and more. see to hear audio excerpts online and/or to order.

Power Persuasion is a terrific course on NLP and persuasion by hypnotist David Barron. See adcopy/persuasion.htm. I love his course and have bought multiple copies of it to give to students, clients, and friends.

How to Think like Joe Vitale is an online audio program where NLP expert Tellman Knudsen figured out what makes me tick as a copywriter. Fascinating stuff, if I do say so myself. See

Hypnotic Writing Wizard my Windows-based software program designed to help you write sales letters, ads, news releases, speeches, and even entire books using Hypnotic Writing methods. Get all the details at http://www.HypnoticWriting

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