Use Testimonials

Do you know what people don't have anymore? Trust. The number one reason mail order campaigns fail and sales letters live in the dumpster is because your readers don't trust you. People have been ripped off so many times that they are extremely hesitant to gamble on a new thing.

Get testimonials from people who have used your product. If the quotes are from people we all know—such as celebrities—all the better. They give your writing credibility.

One tip: Be sure the testimonials are specific. "I liked the book" isn't as strong as "The chapter on negotiation helped me land a contract for $39,000!"

How do you get testimonials? Ask for them from people who have used your product. If they don't want to write one, write it for them and have them sign it.

Another way to be sure to gain your readers' trust is to offer a solid guarantee. Fact is, without a guarantee, few—if anyone—will order what you are selling or believe what you are saying.

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