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You're intelligent enough to know that the formula mentioned earlier will help you easily create a short piece of very simple Hypnotic Writing. That might be fine for an ad. Or even a postcard, telegram, or, of course, an e-mail. But what about a full-scale web site? How do you apply my three-step hypnotic formula to create your own hypnotically written web site?

The answer should seem obvious. It's certainly simple. All you do is expand on each of the three steps in my peace-loving formula. In other words:

1. Promise. Your headline can be short and sweet. But why not a secondary headline under it? That works, too.

2. Proof. Your proof can be testimonials, a guarantee, scientific studies, quotes from authorities, a statistic, or anything else that helps convince people of your promise.

3. Price. Your call to action can be several reminders to buy now, as well as how to buy, and where to buy now. You want people to act now, not tomorrow, so your price might include bonuses for acting right this minute. "Order now and get three e-books for free."

You can see an example of how the three steps have been used to create a full-blown web site at http://www.strippeddownguitar.com/.

I'm using it as a model as I know the author of the site and helped her create it. If you look at the site closely, you'll find she uses longer copy to expand on each of the three points in my formula. Here are some excerpts right now, in case you can't get to her site at the moment. (See what follows.)

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