What Everyone Will Always Read

I had a fight this morning with my neighbor.

We don't fight often, but sometimes it happens. What can I say? We're human. Fights happen.

And that's good news. It's good news because it's the number one thing people love to read about. Give me a conflict and I'll give you a story. It's that simple.

Think about it. What are the best movies about? What are the best books about? Don't they always involve someone who wants something and is struggling to get it? Isn't something in his or her way? In short, there's always a conflict.

Conflicts make great news, too. Any time two people fight, or two groups, or two armies, the media will be there. Why? Because conflict is, at heart, hypnotic.

You can use this to your advantage. The next time you want to create a Hypnotic Selling Story, look for a conflict. The conflict can be between you and another person, two other people, or even ideas that are butting heads.

For example, I began this chapter with the phrase, "I had a fight this morning with my neighbor."

I did that for one main reason: to get your attention.

What Everyone Will Always Read

I knew your hardwired human interest in battle would make you at least curious about my opening line. From there, I wove a story about how we humans crave conflict, and how you can use that fact to create stories no one can resist.

The truth is, I did not have a fight with my neighbor. I live in the Hill Country outside Austin, Texas. I don't even know my neighbors.

But by beginning this chapter with the hint of a conflict, I got your attention and got you to read all of this.

See how it works?

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