What Is Hypnosis

Recently I interviewed Dan Kennedy, famous marketing consultant. During the course of our chat, Dan said, "You can't go very far in business without learning a little hypnosis."

I was surprised. Not because of the statement, but because of who said it. I never realized Dan knew the importance of hypnosis. The truth is, understanding hypnosis helps you understand the mind of your reader.

People are self-centered. That's not negative. That's reality. They walk around in their own trance. Their bundle of experiences, beliefs, thoughts, and actions create a unique world where they live, move, and breathe. Each of us, in short, is in a hypnotic state. We'll never admit it. But we're in it.

The first step in writing Hypnotic Copy is understanding the mind of your reader. That mind is not focused on your writing. That mind is absorbed with its own concerns. In order for you to make contact, you have to enter that mind where it already is.

All good hypnotists know this. In order for any hypnotist to lead you into a state of relaxed awareness—which is what hypnosis is— they have to meet you where you are mentally.

They have to make what's called "an agreement" with you: You agree that the hypnotist can relax you, and the hypnotist can then do it. Without this unspoken agreement, hypnosis is not likely to happen.

Famous copywriter Robert Collier said you had to meet the reader where their thoughts already are. You can do this with a headline that speaks to their problem, or to their dream. What you need to do is begin your letter where the prospect already is in his own head. This is a way to create agreement with your reader. It's a way to build rapport.

Collier wrote, "Your problem, then, is to find a point of contact with his (the reader's) interests, his desires, some feature that will flag his attention and make your letter stand out from all the others the moment he reads the first line."

Again, this will become clearer as you go through this book. For now, I want you to realize that the more you can meet your reader on the mental level where they are already preoccupied, the more you can create Hypnotic Writing that moves them to where you want them to be: into a buying trance.

But before I explain how to persuade people through your words, let's stop and take a look at a formula or two for persuasion and influence.

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