What Is Hypnotic Writing

Recently I spoke at the world's largest hypnosis convention.

Two thousand professional hypnotists from all over the world came to hear me describe Hypnotic Writing. I told the crowd that Hypnotic Writing is a form of waking hypnosis.

"Waking hypnosis" is a term coined by Wesley Wells in 1924 and first published in the book An Outline of Abnormal Psychology in 1929. He wanted to separate the idea of hypnosis as conscious sleep with hypnosis as awake concentration. In other words, traditional hypnosis thinks of someone with their eyes closed but aware; Wells proposed that someone could have their eyes open and still be subject to hypnotic suggestion.

Later in his 1964 book Hypnotherapy, Dave Elman defined waking hypnosis as: "When hypnotic effects are achieved without the trance state, such hypnotic effects are called waking hypnosis."

Waking hypnosis is not magical or mystical. It's no different from being absorbed in a good movie. or being riveted by a good book. Or driving down the highway for hours and being "zoned out." In each instance you are in a waking trance.

A waking trance is a concentration of attention. You are fo cused on something before you, to the exclusion of virtually all else. Whenever you read a fascinating book, you are engaged in a mild trance. Because your eyes are open, this state is called a waking trance.

In 1956 an anonymous hypnotist, writing in his famous mailorder course, Dynamic Speed Hypnosis, declared: "Anything you do which makes your listeners react because of MENTAL IMAGES you plant in their minds is WAKING HYPNOSIS!"

Just replace "listeners" with "readers" and "waking hypnosis" with "Hypnotic Writing" in the sentence you just read and you have a good working definition of Hypnotic Writing. It would read like this:

"Anything you do which makes your readers react because of MENTAL IMAGES you plant in their minds is HYPNOTIC WRITING!"

Of course, the kind of Hypnotic Writing you and I want to do is focused on making a sale. That's why my definition is: "Hypnotic Writing is intentionally using words to guide people into a focused mental state where they are inclined to buy your product or service."

Again, Hypnotic Writing is a form of waking hypnosis. It is characterized by a focus of attention. It is a trance state where you are wide away but focused on something you are reading.

Hypnotic Writing achieves this state by the right use of words to create mental experiences. In other words, you get people so interested in your web site, or e-mail, or sales letter, that almost nothing else matters. And if you do this right, your Hypnotic Writing will lead your readers to take action.

All of this will make sense as I walk you through some of the secret steps and insights of how to create Hypnotic Writing.

But first, let's look at an example of Hypnotic Writing.

Take This Test

See Figure 9.1 for a picture of a massage pen.

Massaging Pen
Figure 9.1 A Massage Pen

Basically, it's a regular pen—it writes—and the tip of it (shown), also has a massaging head on it. Press it against your skin and you get a massage. I know it isn't much to go on, but how would you write a paragraph to sell this pen?

Write it here.

Now, here is how one web site describes the massage pen: Product Description

The unique metal ball-point pen with built-in massage.

Rugged metal construction.

Attractive design.

Patented massage function.

Replaceable ink refills.

Batteries included.

Well, is that Hypnotic Writing? I don't think so.

It has the facts, but it doesn't have any reason, or benefit, for you to care about the facts. Result: boredom.

Now, here is how the lively copywriters over at http://www .Stupid.com describe the exact same massage pen:

IMAGINE you had a teensy-weensy masseuse to carry around in your shirt pocket. Any time you desired, you could order your minimasseuse to soothe your tired muscles and rub away your tensions. Now imagine this tiny masseuse had a pen sticking out of his head and ran on batteries.

Well, you're not likely to come across a miniature, pen-headed masseuse—but here's the next best thing. Introducing the world's first MASSAGING PEN!

Is that Hypnotic Writing? You bet!

Before you go on, note your observations about the "stupid" description.

Why do you think it was hypnotic?

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