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Let me tell you a secret. As I mentioned earlier in this book, whenever someone hires me to rewrite their sales materials, I run a Copy Translation Service in my head. What I do is read each sentence of their site as though it were written in a foreign language. The foreign language is Ego Copy. It was written by the person who owns the company and is usually full of fluff. What I do is translate that Ego Copy into Reader Copy. That means I take their line and turn it into a line that speaks to the reader's interest. An example might help.

Nearly every sales letter you read will contain a we statement. It's usually something like "We have been in business five years" or "We love to make donuts" (or whatever they make).

All of those are Ego Copy statements. That's a foreign language to your readers. It doesn't appeal to them at all.

What I do is translate those Ego Statements into Reader Benefits or Reader Copy. I might turn "We have been in business five years"

to "You can rest assured you will get your item from us on time and to your satisfaction, as we've been doing this over five years."

And I might turn: "We love to make donuts" to "You'll love our mouthwatering donuts because our passion for making them energizes every one we create for you." Do you see the difference?

Most writing focuses on the person who did the writing. What you want to do is focus on the interests of the person reading your words. In short, get out of your ego and into the reader's ego. Speak to their interests.

Let's look at some basic tips on how to transform your current words into Hypnotic Writing. The following are excerpts from my e-book The Hypnotic Writing Swipe File, which you can learn more about at http://www.HypnoticWritingSwipeFile.com.

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