Your Challenge

A few years ago marketing guru and friend John Reese broke all previous sales records and made over $1,000,000 in 24 hours online.

His true story is inspiring and instructive. You can read an entire report detailing his incredible success at / And if you haven't seen his product yet, see

My point in bringing John into the picture is this: miracles happen all the time. Records are broken. The bar gets lifted. And the adventure continues. Who knows what record will be broken next—and by whom? After John's success, several others went after huge sales in one day online, including me. You may be next.

Your Hypnotic Writing skills can do magical, miraculous, and maybe even impossible things. I once wrote a sales letter that pulled a 91% response. Bruce Barton once wrote a fundraising letter that nailed a 100% response. (Both letters are in my book The Seven Lost Secrets of Success.

The potential for you to do better than I, Barton, or even John Reese is there.

I've given you the tools. You have the hammer, the nails, and the ruler.

Now the question is this: What are you going to build? The choice is yours.

Do good things.

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