And Theneithernor Linkage

"None" can mean "not any" or "not one." If "none" specifically means "not any," a plural verb is preferable:

^ None of the experiments were able to produce the intended results.

If "none" clearly means "not one," use a singular verb:

^ None of the applicants for research grants is fully qualified.

In sentences with more than one subject, the linkage "neither ... nor" may create a problem with respect to the verb form. The correct verb form depends on whether you link singular or plural nouns. If the nouns linked are singular and plural, the noun nearest the verb determines the verb form:

^ Neither the physician nor the patient was informed of the drug used. (Both linked nouns are singular.)

Neither the preliminary findings nor the final data were conclusive. (Both linked nouns are plural.)

Neither the PhD supervisor nor his students were willing to contribute to the scientific meeting. (The noun closest to the verb is plural.)

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