Exercise Avoiding Excessive Passive Voice

Consider the voice of the following sentences and mark them with an A for "active" or a P for "passive." Which ones of the passive sentences would be more powerful in the active voice? Recast the selected sentences in the active voice and comment on the change.


Treatment with a single tablet has been shown to be as effective as a 7-day therapy with the cream [1].

Usually, centrifugation for 15 min suffices to separate the two layers.

Immediately after the accident, the 80-year old woman was taken to the emergency department of the nearby hospital.

According to Miller et al. [2], direct DNA binding of the compound is considered the most likely mechanism of mutagenic action.





The opinion held by Hunter et al. is not shared by this author.

After noninvasive tests, the final diagnosis of a breast tumor is

made by biopsy.

Subsequent magnetic resonance imaging supported our


Test tubes used in clinical chemistry testing are made of glass.

The behavior of the rats was monitored for 24 h by two

independent technicians.

None of the comparators used was shown to be more potent in

this experimental system.

Our findings are compared with literature data in Table 3.

Statistical analysis did not indicate any significant difference

between the two treatments.

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