Exercise Avoiding Tautological And Other Redundant Expressions

In the sentences below, identify the tautological and otherwise redundant expressions. Recast the sentences by removing any unnecessary words.





If a serious adverse event occurred,

the study was immediately terminated


The mice in the first experiment were

heavier in weight than those in the

second experiment.

For easy comparison, the results

are plotted graphically.

The staining was red in color.

The finding may potentially indicate

a possible relationship between

product stability and enzyme activity.

Further work is needed to establish

the true facts.

In none of the experiments was no

immune reaction at all.

We were astonished by the end result.

The patient has no past history

of suicides.

We believe that the potential hazards

of this X-ray examination are

extremely minimal.

The team reached a consensus

of opinion before finalizing the


We selected the most unique clinical

center for the study.

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