Exercise I Using Tenses In Scientific Reporting

Consider the following sentences and label them correct/incorrect with respect to tense. Rewrite the sentences you consider incorrect.




Introduction: Similar findings were

reported by Jones et al.

Introduction: It has long been

known that smoking increased

the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Methods: The method used

for analysis of plasma concentrations

of parent compound and metabolites is an

HPLC technique with UV detection.

Results: The epidemiological data collected

in this clinical trial were listed in Table 1

of this report.

Results: The subclones containing the D-

helix substitutions were reassembled into

plasmid P.

Discussion: In our study we find that there

are significantly fewer CNS effects in

mice receiving vehicle only than in those

receiving the test compound.

Discussion: Recently published work by

Miller et al. [1] characterizes the chemical

structure of this compound.

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