Exercise Proper Punctuation

Correct any punctuation errors in the following sentences. Please note that some sentences need no correction.


1. Moreover our findings are in good agreement, with published data

2. Medicinal products, which are produced from bovine sources, are now being replaced by nonbovine materials.

3. In general, scientific writing is an interesting task.

4. The committee members concluded, that the project is well-structured and should go ahead as planned.

5. The trial participants were below 20-years of age, and able to read, and understand the instructions.

6. We used a high precision-immunoassay.

7. All patients were followed-up after the end of treatment.

8. The markedly-improved manufacturing process resulted in a higher yield.

9. The company promises a 5 years shelf-life for the capsules.

10. This was a 5 months' study, with the follow up-phase lasting 2 months.

11. Both, a pro- and retrospective analysis were performed.

12. Although we have a competent staff; bottlenecks do occur.

13. The techniques used included: TLC, HPLC, and NMR.

14. "Nausea" was defined here as feeling "queasy" for longer than two hours.

15. Is that book your's?

16. The new antihypertensive drug represents a genuine advance owing to it's favorable pharmacokinetic profile.

17. The authors confirm that the data have not been published elsewhere [see author's signatures].

18. The concentration of stabilizer in the medium was 0.5 mg/L-1.

19. The general practitioner is advised to refer his/her patients to an endocrinologist in such cases.

20. In our study, we used the novel imaging technique for the first time!

21. A deficiency of the trial was the limited number of plasma samples available for analysis — in fact, as many as 42% of samples were lost.


22. Scientific writers of a non-English-origin may have to consult a good dictionary at times.

23. The in-vitro findings agreed very well with the in-vivo results.

24. The incidence of metabolic syndrome in the USA is estimated to be as high as 30-40%.

25. Delayed growth was common in this pediatric population (with growth-hormone (GH) deficiency being the most frequent cause; in line with published literature (12, 13)).

27. The main authors were S. Green (Ph.D.) and T. Matthews (M.D.).

28. Our findings didn't reveal any connection between the increased heart rate and duration of drug intake.

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