Modifier Strings

Some languages, German for example, permit the use of modifier clusters to describe another word, usually a noun. English is more ruthless with modifier strings. Usually, two descriptive words that qualify another term are about as far as you can go. Take a look at this muddled sentence:

^ Modifier strings in sentences: The blinded report procedure planning meeting organization was done by the clinical trial monitor.

This awkward sentence can only be cured of its modifier strings by replacing some nouns with verbs:

^ Acceptable use of modifiers: The clinical trial monitor organized the meeting to plan the blinded report procedure.

Unfortunately, there are many names of committees, procedures, databases, or illnesses that clearly violate this rule, but there we are not at liberty to change the strings. Here are some examples:

^ Modifier strings in names: Peer Review Congress Advisory Board, Clinical Research and Development Decision-Making Steps and Procedures, Drug Safety and Efficacy Advisory Committee

Q Avoid modifier strings in sentences, names, and titles.

Q Exercise 11

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