Meditation Mastery Secrets

Meditation Mastery Secrets

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Deep Zen Meditation By Holothink

Deep Zen meditation can help you to accomplish a deep state of meditation and all the associated benefits. For many men and women, life is busy and that means spending a lot of time frustrated, anxious, and overwhelmed. However, studies indicate that those who enter into meditation on a regular basis are healthier, able to accomplish more and live a more peaceful, successful life. Learning Zen meditation can take years, but there are programs, such as the Holothink Deep Zen program that can help you to enter into a deep level of meditation easily and much more effectively. Read more here...

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Defining by Metaphor and Simile

Prayer is the peace of our spirit, the stillness of our thoughts, the evenness of recollection, the seat of meditation, the rest of our cares, and the of our tempest prayer is the issue of a quiet mind, of untroubled thoughts, it is the daughter of charity and the sister of meekness and he that prays to God with an angry, that is, with a troubled and discomposed spirit, is like him that retires into a battle to meditate, and sets up his closet in the outquarters of an army, and chooses a frontier-garrison to be wise in. Anger is a perfect alienation of the mind from prayer, and therefore is contrary to that attention which presents our prayers in a right line to God. For so have seen a lark rising from his bed of grass, and soaring upwards, singing as he rises, and hopes to get to heaven, and climb above the clouds but the poor bird was beaten back with the loud sighings of an eastern wind, and his motion made irregular and unconstant, descending more at every breath of the tempest...

Sorting Out The Babble Of Terms

Action would lead to spiritual enlightenment, but in modern novels religion often leads to some sort of perdition, such as incest or madness. In other words, in the modern novel the moral is the opposite of what was traditionally thought of as a moral. Often, modern novels have an immoral moral, in the traditional way of seeing things, like Don't tell the truth, it will wreck your marriage or Committing murder is a growth experience. But we don't read to improve our morals much anymore.

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I hope that you will learn from Letting Go of the Words and that it will answer most of your questions. I would also like to continue the conversation that I'm starting in this book. Join us on the web site at writingfortheweb to ask a question, voice an opinion, get information about usability testing and other topics, and share your examples.

Be Understandable

Legal information abounds on the Internet - and in intranets and extranets. Many web sites need a page about privacy policies. Many include terms of use. And some sites focus on legal issues and legal documents. Letting go of the words and writing in plain language are as applicable to legal information as to other web content.

Reading Practice

Terri Martin's Three Hollows, which appears in Appendix B, Sample Student Narratives, is an example of another kind of nonfiction narrative. You may want to read it before continuing with this chapter. Very much located in Martin's personal consciousness, unlike Miller's piece, Three Hollows also is an exploration of death. But while Miller examines the 23 deaths in Sarajevo from a continental distance, and through the translation of Smailovic's music, Martin's meditation centers on three intimate deaths that have impacted her life. The circumstances of these seperate deaths intersect in Martin's observations and contemplation. Martin's narrative seeks an understanding that all humans seek, for we all face dying. Martin suggests, however, that we need to meet death while we are alive, to understand the full quality of life. In a way, her piece is a metaphor much like the Native American idea of life as a circle. Martin's narrative circles around these three deaths toward a greater...

Finding Silence

The search for your characters' voices and your story's action and the truth of the world that you are building begins in the silence of your mind. You can reach that silence through training your mind to stillness - not an easy task, but one that offers tremendous rewards. While I'm sure people have found dozens of ways to lead their minds to quiet, I've found that meditation works for me. I advocate no religious systems and follow none - my meditation is nothing more than sitting cross-legged on the floor, my hands clasped in my lap in front of me and my eyes closed, breathing to a slow count of four. Inhale to four, exhale to four. I slow my breathing and counting as i begin to relax, i acknowledge stray thoughts that wander into my mind and immediately dismiss them, and I sit for fifteen minutes. No more, no less. I have a little timer that I sit in front of me, and I set it to run backwards - I'm to the point now where, when i peek at it, i'm almost always just a few seconds to...


If you have more than one male in a scene you can't use he even if in the context of the writing it's pretty evident who is speaking. Same with more than one female. Also, don't have bystanders who you forget about. I've read scenes with three people in them, where one says nothing and sort of fades into nothingness by the end, then startlingly reappears at the end of the dialogue.

Empty Mind Meditation

Empty Mind Meditation

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