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Super Amazing Essays is a compilation of sample essays carefully selected from hundreds of essays that students emailed to me for correction over the years. These are real essays, written by real students, with real mistakes that are painstakingly corrected and explained. Learning from mistakes is a powerful way of reinforcing in our minds the correct approach, and learning from others' mistakes is an age old wisdom that saves us the time, the trouble and the pains of committing the same mistakes ourselves. Learning English writing and improving English writing skills have always been a challenge for students of English. Many books have been written on this subject, and an abundance of resources are available on the internet. But the more you read, the more confused you become because up to now, you have been bombarded with a do this, do that approach to learning that is sucking away at your motivation at every turn. Continue reading...

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The writer presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this ebook are precise.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

Looking for Subjects

Sometimes it's part of the job. A sales manager is asked to report on a new market, or an executive to discuss the feasibility of moving a plant to another state. A psychology student has to turn in a twenty-page term paper, or a member of an art club must prepare a two-page introduction to an exhibit. In such cases the subject is given, and the first step is chiefly a matter of research, of finding information. Even the problem of organizing the information is...

Reflective Essays

Reflect v. 1 to bend or fold back to make manifest or apparent 2 to think quietly or calmly to express a thought or opinion resulting from reflection. Reflective writing is thoughtful writing. Reflective essays take a topic any topic and turn it around, up and down, forward and backward, asking us to think about it in uncommon ways. Reflective writing allows both writer and reader to consider but especially reconsider things thoughtfully, seriously, meditatively but demands neither resolution...


Writing Introduction

Introduction Process Writing 2 Understanding process writing, the writing method used in most English-speaking university classes Pre Writing Getting Ready to Write S Choosing and narrowing a topic 2 The Structure of a Paragraph 11 The definition of a paragraph Identifying and writing topic sentences 3 The Development of a Paragraph 17 Paragraph support and development Writing concluding sentences 4 Descriptive and Process Paragraphs 25 Descriptive paragraphs and reasons for writing them...

Sample Timed Writing Essay

See the column section under Generating and Organizing Ideas to see how this student did his prewriting. During their first year of driving, between, one-third and one-half of teen drivers will be involved in an accident. California has considered enacting a limited licensing program,, which would restrict teens to driving on surface streets during daylight hours with, only one teen passenger. After two years of a limited license, teens can then receive California should adopt a limited...

From Paragraph To Essay

To produce competent written assignments in English, students need to be able to generate ideas and organize them on paper create the various paragraph types that are used in writing assignments order and link paragraphs into cohesive and coherent essays. COLLEGE WRITING provides students with a variety of group, pair and individual planning and writing tasks plenty of practice to help students master each stage of the writing process models of writing that are based on reaL assignments....

Station Bomb Chaos New Road Protesters Confront Police

1 When where did the incidents take place 3 What were the causes consequences of the incidents 4 Would you include any direct comments From whom 5 What tenses would you use Why 6 Which paragraph plan would you follow 0 You are working on the final plans for a new invention and are running out of money. Write a proposal for your bank manager, giving details of the invention and reasons why you think it will be successful, in order to obtain a loan. P You have just returned from a package holiday...

Pavel Witkiewicz

2 Thank you sending me the catalogue I requested. 3 We are writing to inform that 6 I would appreciate if you could Each paragraph in the emails below has three mistakes. Correct the mistakes. Email 1 It was a pleasure to meet you in Budapest last week and I would like to thank you for your interest in our office products. You mentioned that you were goinc visit Turkey soon, and when you do I like to invite you to visit our factory outside Istanbul. We would be very pleased to showing you round...

We Should Until June Consider Extending It.

Now rewrite the sentences 1-4 below with the correct word order. Start sentences with a capital letter. 1 me you may remember, we business cards last week at the Trade Fair exchanged. 2 well is going our advertising campaign, we should until June consider extending it. 3 about availability of rooms in July to ask I am writing. I need for 3 nights a single room. 4 next weekend to my parents I am going, for a long time I haven't them seen. Read the information on making complex sentences. You can...

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