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... when you can avoid procrastination and delays with these ideas to get your project started.

2. Don't Consider Yourself Too Smart... 08

... when you can bring your writing down to earth-where your readers are.

... when you can give your writing power by putting complex ideas into simple language.

4. Don't Expect Miracles... 10

... when you can achieve your writing goals through hard work, patience and perseverance.

... when you can write a captivating story from the very start.

6. Don't Describe Sunsets... 13

... when you can keep your story moving by avoiding flowery description.

7. Don't Use Real People in Your Story... 16

... when you can create vivid, compelling characters through exaggeration.

... when you can build strong, active characters by employing "story goals. "

... when you can fill your writing with true conflict.

10. Don't Have Things Happen for No Reason... 24

... when you can use background and motivation to instill logic and credibility in your fiction.

11. Don't Forget Stimulus and Response... 26

... when you can strengthen your writing through cause and effect.

12. Don't Forget Whose Story It Is... 29

... when you can avoid confusion by using the viewpoint character's thoughts and perceptions to dominate the story.

13. Don't Fail to Make the Viewpoint Clear... 31

... when you can keep your readers riveted on a single character and his or her problem.

14. Don't Lecture Your Reader... 33

... when you can convey story information through more innovative and creative means.

15. Don't Let Characters Lecture, Either... 35

... when you can keep your dialogue from stumbling over clumsy research and background information.

... when you can keep characters' dialogue sleek and direct by creating a conversational goal.

17. Don't Mangle Characters' Speech... 38

... when you can write realistic dialogue without using dialect, slang, colloquialisms and foul language.

18. Don't Forget Sense Impressions... 40

... when you can create understanding for characters by fully using thoughts, feelings and the senses.

... when you can keep your dialogue strong by avoiding these examples of distracting synonyms.

... because one tiny error can rob you of your readers' credibility.

21. Don't Ever Stop Observing and Making Notes... 45

... when you can hone your description skills by constantly practicing on the world around you.

22. Don't Ignore Scene Structure... 47

... when you can use these seven steps to create an exciting scene that will build tension.

23. Don't Drop Alligators Through the Transom... 50

... when you can create interesting complications directly related to the story.

24. Don't Forget to Let Your Characters Think... 51

... when you can employ the power of "emotion-thought-decision" to fulfill story goals.

... when you can define your story's direction, and stick to it.

26. Don't Worry About Being Obvious... 56

... when you can be confident your writing is clear and powerful enough to keep readers out of the dark.

27. Don't Criticize Yourself to Death... 59

... when you should just let your creative juices flow.

28. Don't Worry What Mother Will Think... 62

... when you can write freely, without outside burdens.

29. Don't Hide From Your Feelings... 63

... when you can fill your writing with the passion and emotion that readers crave.

... when you can avoid the sting of unnecessary, incorrect and irrelevant advice.

31. Don't Ignore Professional Advice... 68

... when you can benefit from the experience of a published writer.

... when you can write solid, publishable fiction without getting hung up on "sure thing" trends.

... when you can remove plot-stopping pretentions and cynicism from your writing.

34. Don't Waste Your Plot Ideas... 76

... when you can use these idea-sparkers to make them work for you over and over again.

... when you can hold a truly finished project in your hands after completing this twelve-step revision plan.

36. Don't Prejudice Your Editor... 81

... when you can use these eight tips for putting together a manuscript package.

... when you can remain optimistic and persistent in your career as a fiction writer.

... when you could start writing, and keep writing-successfully.

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