Appendix Example Synopsis The Line

What if a secret military organization has been covertly manipulating our government's policies for the past fifty years and now appears to be planning a coup?

In 1995 Boomer Watson is a member of the elite Delta Force on a classified mission into the Ukraine when everything goes wrong—the target, instead of radical Ukrainian politicians, turns out to be NATO nuclear inspectors. Returning from the apparently botched mission, Boomer is relieved of his command and sent to Hawaii to get him out of the way. In Hawaii he links up with a former lover and fellow West Pointer, Major Benita Trace, who is working on a novel about an organization she calls THE LINE, referring to the long gray line of West Point graduates.

Working at Fort Shafter, Boomer becomes aware that strange events are occurring. A commander in the 1st Special Forces Group is relieved and a right wing officer takes his place; a covert special operations mission is being planned to coincide with the President's visit to Pearl Harbor on December 7th, a visit where the President will make a speech on his Military Reform Act, which is violently opposed by the military; the Colonel from the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who ordered the ill-fated mission in the Ukraine suddenly shows up in Hawaii; a Sergeant Major (Skibicki) tells Boomer the story of Boomer's father's death in Vietnam, a story that coincides with Trace's suspicions about The Line.

When Trace's house is broken into and the manuscript is stolen, Boomer begins to take action, going to the north shore of Oahu and observing a classified military operation that isn't supposed to be occurring, while at the same time Trace goes back to the mainland US to talk to the former commander of Special Forces in Vietnam (Rison) to confirm whether or not The Line exists. Boomer barely escapes with his life and comes to the conclusion that a military coup against the President is planned during a practice commander and control exercise during the President's visit to the Islands.

While Trace meets Rison at the Army-Navy game, Boomer and Skibicki come into conflict with shadowy military forces on the island of Oahu and in the waters offshore. Just before Rison is shot, he gives Trace the location of a diary that holds the key to the Line—the only problem is that to recover it, Trace will have to return to West Point. It becomes a race against time, as December 7th looms closer. The Command and Control exercise is cancelled but it appears that The Line will now attack the President at dawn on the 7th at the Arizona Memorial as he commemorates the 54th anniversary of the Japanese attack.

Not only is the question of the coup to be answered, but further, what is to be done if The Line does indeed exist—an organization that appears to have been responsible for such events as the devastating defeat at Pearl Harbor in 1941; the downing of Gary Power's U-2; the Bay of Pigs; the morass in

Vietnam; the debacle of Desert One; and numerous other events. Can the plot be stopped and can such an organization be allowed to exist?

But through the long night of December 6th Boomer learns that what appears to be is and isn't and he is caught in a moral dilemma with a decision to make that will affect the future of the country. For there are more than two sides to this conflict and secrecy and lies surround Boomer and Trace as they try to unravel the truth while at the same time foil the plot against the President. The initial coup that Boomer thought he saw was actually forces moving in to protect the President and the real coup threatens in another direction.

They discover that there is a person on the President's side trying to get the diary for his own purposes and both Boomer and Trace were set up from the very beginning to play their roles in both stopping the coup and recovering the diary.

At the last second, the coup is stopped and the major plotters from The Line are killed. But there is still the loose end of the diary and the person close to the President who got Trace and Boomer involved in the first place without their knowledge. Skibicki kills the President's man and retrieves the diary. In the end, Boomer and Trace go back to West Point and in an address to the Corps of Cadets, make public the contents, shredding the veil of secrecy all sides wove.



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