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Nashville/ 9 Nov/ 11 PM/ 0400 Zulu -Kelly Reynolds gets tape and letter in mail from a male reporter friend as she comes home late at night.

-she listens to tape—intercepted radio conversation between AF jet pilot participating in Red Flag (US vs. "Soviet" simulation fight out of Nellis AFB) getting caught by tower (Dreamland—Nellis AFB call sign) for violating restricted air space over Area 51. Pilot reports being forced down by strange object, then goes off air suddenly. Male friend says he is going to investigate—will be there on such and such night—the same night she is listening to the tape.

Nellis Air Force Base Range/ 9 Nov/ 10 PM/ 0600 Zulu -shift to male reporter infilling site 51 in Nevada The Cube, Area 51/ 9 Nov/ 10:30 PM/ 0630 Zulu -shift to underground govt building (the Cube= C3= CCC, Command and Control Central) where they pick up the man infilling on IR scope from nearby mountain and track him coming in. Introduce General Gullick; refer to pending Nightscape mission; start recall.

Purpose: introduces Kelly, Area 51 site mystery.

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