Welcome To The Novelists World

1. Internal Characteristics of a Writer What personality traits does it take to be a writer?

2. Things You Might Need

Hardware, software and nifty tools for day to day work.

3. What To Write

Write what you know and know what you're writing.

4. The Original Idea

The seed that starts everything and keeps you on track.

5. Research

Gathering the details that will drive the story.

6. Book Dissection

Someone's already done it, let them help you.

7. 1 of N Does Not Equal N and Never Complain, Never Explain

Two tripwires to be aware of. II: How To Write A Novel

8. Idea Into Story

Putting muscles and flesh on the bones of the idea.

9. The Five Biggest Problems

Where most people go wrong.

10. Characters

The emotional punch of the novel.

11. Perspective

The number one style problem for most writers.

12. Dialogue

It ain't like real life.

13. Setting

You need a place and a time.

14. Narrative Structure & Plot A way to organize your story.

15. Where Should My Novel Begin?

The most important pages of your novel.

16. The Pace of the Story

Put away the remote control and tell a story.

17. Where Should My Novel End?

The climax and the pay-off for the reader.

18. Outlining

Many theories, one concept.

19. Subplots

Tightening your storyline down.

20. Show Don't Tell & Symbolism You've heard it, what does it mean?

21. Genre

Where does your book fit and what does it mean to be literary?

22. The Reader

The one who pays your salary.

23. The Writing Cycle

A circular flow for the creative soul.

24. Editing

The nuts and bolts of the words on the page. III: Getting Your Novel Published

25. The Submission

The first step in the long road to getting published.

26. Rejections

It's not as bad as getting betrayed.

27. The Agent

Who are these people and what do they do?

28. Book Doctors, Scams and Schools Caveat Emptor!

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